The event creation is a branch of arts, and art can not be created through templates. We will be utterly happy the moment you tell us that you want to get something unique and unprecedented.

Warning: FREŠ event development group does not provide pre-made templates, or standard thematic event offers. 

  • VIP Events

    VIP Events are highly unique and rare, mostly they come as a gift to a recipient who is hard to impress. Highly confidential events with unlimited duration and budget ranges, with an aim to make a huge impression on the recipient of previously mentioned gift. The script of the action is created based on the information about persons dreams and hobbies, physical capabilities, other psychological aspects of the character. More information would be provided during the meeting with our consultant.

  • Promo Events

    You have to love and respect your customers, sometimes surprise them, sometimes shock them a little. Or maybe an invitation to a cozy (or not) location with a presentation of your latest product in a way that will make your competitors' product fade away in the shadow. Your client will accept the information much easier and will remain loyal if you will give him that freš experience.

  • Corporate Events

    Each event is a new work of art which reflects your company’s employees uniqueness and company’s history, combined with small details and unique ideas an unforgettable fresh phenomenon is born.


Michael Frishman

Event director / Creative

Creative thinking without templates


Tomas Green


Totally Old-School, with huge experience, accumulated at radios, clubs and private events. Featuring a vinyl set of 2 hours.


Arvydas Trybė


A complete music lover, with a scientific degree in dance floor psychology.


Paulius Varonenka


Ever seen a guy with a Masters degree in Computational Physics do Art ?


Gabrielius Varnauskas

Lighting designer

Once had a childhood dream of becoming a bushido fighter, now one of the best light designers in Lithuania


Evaldas Bielinis

Sound director

Graduate of Edinburgh Napier University, wake him up in the middle of the night and he will willingly tell you all he knows about the generals of WWI and old jazz records.


Andrey Fadeev


A man with creative power of five. Ambitious and highly cultured, always accomplishes his goals.


  • “We would like to thank Michael for a superb corporate event !! Even now, after a couple of months we remember the mood of the event and a really good feeling emerges, and a thought comes to mind – QUALITY. Elegant and tactful, with good sense of humour, with an ability to create a positive atmosphere, please and motivate, creative and really really easy sociable. From the first moments of communication we knew we could rely on them, and we knew that everything is going to be fine. Michael was really beyond our expectations. I wouldn’t hesitate to delegate even a personal event to Michael, as well as a corporate event. I recommend !

    Raimonda Klimenė, HR JSC "Biomapas"

  • “We chose FREŠ to organize a private 400 guests 2 day event for our customers (target group – architects), during Midsummer weekend, cause from the beginning they were the most creative and dedicated to their job. And after the event I can say – they did even more than we expected! The event was very intensive: we had lots of active competitions: yacht regatta, sports and etc., we had Midsummer traditional activities, a very attractive Saint-Gobain game, where FREŠ helped a lot, cause we wanted to represent our 5 brands not in a boring way, but in creative game style, where each game is somehow related to our brands materials. Only 5% of invited people didn’t attend the event, pre-communication was also well planned. I highly recommend FREŠ for all kind of events! They are sincere, professional, creative and loving their job!”

    Miglė Vaškienė - Marketing & Communication Manager

  • “We are very happy to thank JSC “Renginių kūrimo grupė” for the lighting and audio show at the highest level at our clients JSC “Narbutas” Christmas party. We would also like to thank Michael Frishman for an outstanding event hosting and live music show at the event.

    Gėrnešiai: Audrius ir Darius

  • “We would like to thank Michael Frishman for an excellent corporate event, spectacular live music show, our employees were very grateful.

    Marijus Kriščiūnas, CEO JSC “Ermitažas”

  • “We are happy with our choice to collaborate with JSC “Renginių kūrimo grupė”, the event was estimated as one of the best events in the history of the company. KRUZAS NCD 2016 summer event was highly cheerful and charming by it’s content, it was hosted in a highest quality. The event creators are unique with their versatility (level of photography, hosting, audio, lighting show, live music, etc.). The live show from Michael Frishman was special, it was a great surprise to everyone.

    Dagnė Bitienė, Category Development Director JSC “Kruzas NCD”

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